Trust Machine

“It (blockchain) gives you an actual power to affect change in the world. And it's gonna scare the shit out of some very powerful people."
Lauri Love
“It is true that these technologies do represent a threat to them. If they have done their research, then they will pretty quickly figure out that these are probably going to disrupt their business models.”
Laura Shin
“The token is an electronic version of that existence trail. Being able to count something that we know is happening, being able to count it in an authentic and auditable way, and be able to do that  publicly. It's an accounting tool. It's a ledger, but if we can reduce the pain points on the poorest people, we give them a little bit more time in their life. And time is the most valuable thing any of us have.”
Christopher Fabian



Hacktivist and blockchain expert Lauri Love fights extradition in TRUST MACHINE - his computer skills a threat to the US government. 
Tech innovators strike a raw nerve as banks and network pundits rush to condemn volatile cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. 
Why are banks terrified while UNICEF embraces it to help refugee children? 
Award–winning filmmaker Alex Winter shows that proponents of blockchain are already using the technology to change the world; fighting income inequality, the refugee crisis and world hunger. 
Narrated by Rosario Dawson.

  • BY JEREMY KAY Sep 23, 2018

    "Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is a compelling new documentary about blockchain and cryptocurrency that is dramatic, poignant, and engaging no matter whether you are working deep in the tech space, a business executive trying to grasp such disruptive changes or the everyday person intrigued about digital privacy, activism and power."

  • By Andreas Wiseman Sep 2, 2017

    "Want to know more about blockchain? Alex Winter might be able to help. Here’s the first teaser trailer for the actor-turned-filmmaker’s documentary Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain."

  • By Jeremy Kay Sep 21, 2017

    “Among other things, Winter will explore the global community of adopters, from billionaire investors, tech innovators and activists who are using the technology to address world hunger, the refugee crisis and income inequality.”


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AIRDROP: distribution of small amounts of a certain virtual currency tokens to its community members, either for free or for performing small tasks. 

BLOCKCHAIN is a public, digital ledger of transactions. It is a secure and robust record keeping technology that is very difficult to hack. 

CRYPTOCURRENCY: Non-government issued and exchangeable digital currency 

ETHEREUM / ETHEREUM PROTOCOL: An open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. 

ETH / ETHER: span class="Apple-converted-space"> 

ERC20 TOKEN STANDARD: A defining set of rules for Ethereum-based tokens to follow, allowing the developers of wallets, exchanges and other smart contracts to know in advance how any new token based on the standard will behave. 

FIAT: Government-issued currency that is designated as legal tender in its country of issuance through government decree, regulation or law. 

SNGLS TOKEN: Fully transferable cryptographic token based on the ERC20 token standard that is native to the SingularDTV network 

TGE: A Token Generating Event (TGE) consists of three elements: a token, generation (technical and organizational creation and transfer of tokens) and event (deployment and offering of the token) 

TOKEN HOLDER: Private person or entity who/which participated in the TGE by transferring ETH to the TGE 

WALLET: Software application or other mechanism/ medium for holding, storing and transferring crypto currency 

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